Healthcare BPO

Medical transcription is a method of producing one of the many vital documents that become a part of the permanent record of every patient. It does not matter if a patient is seen in a clinic or admitted to a hospital. Every physician treating the patient must document everything done in the course of treatment. Accurate record keeping is an absolute necessity for future reference and to meet the stringent requirements of insurance companies and government regulations

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Healthcare BPO

Postby Rahul Roy » Tue Nov 16, 2004 1:30 pm

Hi ,
This is Rahul from Tela Sourcing and I represent an organization that provides offshore business process outsourcing services for HMOs,TPAs,PPOs in the United States. We carry out processes such as claims data entry, claims adjudication, member enrollment, etc from our center in India and thereby reducing costs. With most of our clients our costs savings exceed 50% with no real upfront investment and with same quality levels. Also offshore BPO has become a trend in the industry with a number of HMOs, TPAs,PPOs having done this. Some of our clients include Community Health Plan of WA, FlexAmerica, Insurance Administrators of America etc. Please feel free to e-mail me at and see if there was an interest in pursuing such an initiative.

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