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Phone sales have been something that companies have used for several years. It is a good way of getting a hold of people who could represent possible sales. By getting in touch with a potential client and talking to him or her about your product over the phone, you can help the person realize why he or she should purchase from you.

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Global Sky Inc.

Postby Russel » Thu Apr 06, 2006 2:43 am

Hello! I am Mr. Russel Espino of Global Sky Incorporated. Global Sky is a call center service provider dedicated to supporting your business' call center needs through a full range of inbound and outbound call services. At Global Sky, we make it our business to see your business grow.
Our team of experienced and highly trained communication and information technology professionals is committed to providing efficient and effective call center service plans to fit your business' requirements. Our call agents constantly undergo call handling and customer service training and development to ensure quality service for maximum results for our clients. We are confident that we can deliver excellent results through productive call center services for your company's needs. Global Sky is an American owned and managed call center based in the Philippines. Global Sky is built on quality infrastructure. Obsessed with quality Global Sky has adopted ISO Certification and Six Sigma standards. Clients have been impressed with the quality of the lines, the uptime of the campaigns, and the subtle accents of our agents and the Philippines are known for their predominantly English speaking culture, taught to them from first grade. We can assure you the same level of quality and performance of a US, Canada or UK call center at offshore rates, and without the distinct accent of an Indian call center. We do inbound customer support, outbound marketing support, surveys, market research, lead generation, chat support, email support, online reporting and more. Our agents can come from Fortune 500 companies like Dell, Microsoft, Apple, MCI, IBM etc. For more information visit our web site or contact us. Thanks! :-)

Best Regards,

Russel Espino
Business Development Officer
Global Sky

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