Comprehensive Voice and Culture Training

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Elizabeth Calabrese

Comprehensive Voice and Culture Training

Postby Elizabeth Calabrese » Thu Nov 11, 2004 10:26 am

Dear Members,

My name is Elizabeth Calabrese, with eLogic Learning. It has come to my attention that your organization may be interested in our Web based American Accent and American Culture application.

Please review the following information, as I would like to set up an online presentation at your convenience.

To be considered for this program, what I need from you now by reply email is:

How do you currently prescreen for aptitude (if at all)?
How many seats do you currently fill?
How many applicants do you pre-hire screen per month?
How many agents do you train per month?
What is your projected agent growth schedule over the next two years?
Are the voice and culture pieces integrated or separate?
How long is your current voice training?
What is the average pre-training language skill level of applicants?
How many training stations (PCs) do you have available?
Are your Master Trainers native speakers (American)?
How do you currently quantify to determine achievement for certification?

Please let me know when would be a good time and date for you.

Thank you for the opportunity of consideration of a business relationship with your organization. If you have any additional questions, or would like to contact me directly in Tampa, Florida, please feel free to call me at (813)
901-8600 ext. 229.

A Cost-Effective American Accent For Offshore Call Center Employees Guaranteed!

Fun & Easy
Standardizing employee accents in offshore contact centers is easy and
fun using American Accent Training's program, an automated comprehensive
voice and culture training system delivered by eLogic Learning. Click
here to see the miracle: American Accent Training LCMS

This program reduces training cost and time by as much as 70%,
guaranteed. The online American accent training and culture testing is
cost-effective and reliable. Every delivery is perfect.

Call Now!
After Ann Cook conducted many on-site call center voice and culture
trainings in India and the Philippines, it became obvious that an online
delivery format is ideal. I would like to schedule an online
demonstration so that you can save time and money using this process.
Call me immediately to begin: (813) 901-8600, ext. 229.

Because you get such amazing support, service, and attention to detail
from American Accent Training, only a limited number of applicants will
be accepted to this program. More insight into this program can be found
here: American Accent Training LCMS

This is an online pre-hire screening test taken by applicants or current
trainees. Accent acquisition is an aptitude. You will save an enormous
amount of capital and labor delineating who has this aptitude.

The fact is: Some candidates will learn much of this material in five
minutes while others will never be able to learn it at all. We tell you
who can and who can't. The audio portion of the test is uploaded real
time to our servers. We have a staff of raters who evaluate the
recordings and assign the appropriate course to each trainee. All audio
is scored by us and returned with feedback and recommendations within 24 hours. Quicker turnaround can also be requested.

You have Linguistic Experts at your Fingertips
Midpoint in the course, our highly-skilled raters grade the audio,
either pass/fail or a numeric value as you choose, and provide feedback
for the trainee for the remaining portion of the course. Further support
is available via the built-in live chat. All of this is here: American
Accent Training LCMS

Elizabeth Calabrese
eLogic Learning

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Comprehensive Voice and Culture Training

Postby BeJimmieAdopy » Mon Sep 02, 2019 3:21 pm

Hi Kurt,

If your in doubt you can just ask A lot of the time we have to be vague because we deal with so many different types of hardware.

What happens when setting an interrupt?

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