fresh calling data for all kind of campaigns of usa, uk, aus & canada

Phone sales have been something that companies have used for several years. It is a good way of getting a hold of people who could represent possible sales. By getting in touch with a potential client and talking to him or her about your product over the phone, you can help the person realize why he or she should purchase from you.

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fresh calling data for all kind of campaigns of usa, uk, aus & canada

Postby sanjeevsharma5857 » Sat Sep 17, 2016 2:32 am


all call centers ppl we are selling all kind of campaigns fresh alling data for usa, uk canda & australia on very cheaper rate.

our converstion & connecitivity will be very good

many resellers buy data from us and sale that to call centers

centers who buy data from us they order with us again & again

we provide real time fresh calling data for all kind of campaigns

we can filter all fields or calling data as per call centers request we provide sample as well of each campaigns

all wrong no & disconnected no will be replaced

for more info catch us on skype= johnparker198137

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New Merchant Account

Postby outsourcingstigma » Sat Mar 11, 2017 9:54 am

For those Indian Call centres who are getting paid 20%-40% commission on their sales.Here is an opportunity
for you to have your own merchant account and be your own BOSS.We are one of the leading payment processors
in the market, where we issue aggregate and non-aggregate MID's to the start up's or companies with/without processing history.
We give one of the most competitive rates and very flexible settlements schedule.We help Indian Call Centres to register their company
in United Kingdom,open a company bank account which can be accessed by YOU sitting in India aswell as open a merchant account for you.
For details visit our website

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