Industry Standards for Outbound/Inbound Calls

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Industry Standards for Outbound/Inbound Calls

Postby inov8ive » Thu Nov 18, 2004 1:35 pm

Set aside from the FTC restrictions on making outbound calls, I would like to know what the industry standard is for the following;

1) If we reach an A/S, how long should an automated message be?
2) Is there a industry standard to forecast the abandon rate after your caller holds for 15 seconds --> 30 seconds --> 60 seconds? i.e. the abandon rate increases by 5% within each 15 second interval.(I am using a vendor and do not have the ability to view this information that Avaya would normally provide)

These questions may be difficult to answer without knowing the demographics of my customer, but I am unable to provide that information. If you have a generic industry standard, that would be helpful...Or a website I could visit...


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