Hosted Dialer Free Setup No Contacts or Hardware To Buy

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Hosted Dialer Free Setup No Contacts or Hardware To Buy

Postby aspdialer » Wed Apr 23, 2008 7:48 pm

Flat Rate of $2.40 per hour, which includes all long distance and digital recording. Hosted Predictive Dialer.Free Unlimited Long Distance, Unlimited Campaigns
Customized Reporting
Digital Recording & Retrieval
Silent Monitoring
Instant Messaging
Full Array of Agent Monitoring Tools

Jade Technologies’ infrastructure is built upon the Jade Service Provider which integrates directly into the networks of over 250 telecommunications providers worldwide and is used to support call center operations in all regions of the world. Jade Technologies delivers a pure Hosted Predictive Telephony Network (HPTN) using existing telephone lines, with no hardware to install. Jade Service Provider can tap into any existing telephone line and provide full predictive services. Users enable each telephone line via the JadeCRM and an internet connection. Once connected each person receives 

Free Unlimited North American Long DistanceUnlimited Campaigns
Customized Reporting
Free Digital Recording & Retrieval
Free Silent Monitoring
Instant Messaging
Email Support
Full Array of Agent Monitoring Tools

All features are included at no extra cost. The Jade Service Provider (JadeSP) is the perfect interaction solution for world-class service and organizational efficiency. JadeSP gives a call center all of the traditional PBX features, ACD routing with unlimited skills and preferences, integrated IVR, as well as predictive dialing functionality. The platform is software based, enabling organizations to scale users, lines, and applications as needed.Some of the problems JadeSP helps call centers with include:

   Remove toll charges
   Personalize a customer's experience when they contact you   
Increase call numbers and per-call sales volume  
 Eliminate paper and labor-intensive processes   
Minimize complaints   
Increase call center profitability  
 Empower call center with communication options   
Raise customer service levels   
Simplify business applications

Our predictive dialing solutions solve measurable, business problems.

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