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Free Predictive Dialer Resources Site

Postby Call Center VOIP » Mon May 10, 2010 7:52 am

The days of paying for a Predictive Dialer are almost gone with the ease of setting up a Vicidial ISO Release, but still some people try and cash in on this Free Technology.
because of this we have comprised a site specifically to get beginners up and running.
[b] [/b]
has been built on everything you need to get your dialer up and ready.
Resources you will find are.
• Vicidialnow and Vicibox iso downloads links
• How to update Vicidialnow to version 2.2 in 15 min
• Ubuntu links for 32 and 64 Bit servers with full instructions on how to do a Scratch install for Dummies.
• Videos that will help you setup your, Telco, Campaigns, Users, Admin, recordings, install your G729 Codec, maintain and repair your database, making and loading your dial lists, Getting a telco provider for $2 and endless more resources with Video's being added every week.
• What Computer Hardware you need to install your own Dialer
• How to get a Hosted Dialer from $50 Month.
• We will even set your dialer up for free if you use our Voip service
We believe has everything you need to get up and running.
and best of all it is all FREE...
We welcome you to come and check us out..

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Support at
Yahoo/ Skype: call_center_voip
We are a Voip provider for the Call Center Industry. Premium termination World Wide.

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