UK/US/Canada Routes @ $0.01c for Call Centers

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UK/US/Canada Routes @ $0.01c for Call Centers

Postby voiptm » Sun Apr 25, 2010 12:38 pm

Dear Users!

VOIP TM is a Call Center specialist and Provides VOIP call center services to Call Centers across the world. Our premium quality routes are available for

U.S.A , UK, Canada with Premium & Tier 1 interconnects to ensure on going services.

VOIP TM brings high quality services at low rates; with advanced features and crystal clear voice quality, along with a FREE Special Dialer for Call Center having SIP or 5060 Port blocked.

We’ve focused on meeting the high volume telecom needs of Call Centers and aim that Our superior services and prices are 100% customer oriented.

1. MANUAL Dialing
Premium Quality Routing
6 Seconds Billing Increment
Live Statistics & CDRs
USA - $0.01 , Canada - $0.01
United Kingdom - $0.01

2. DIALER Traffic
Premium Quality (Advanced)
12/6 Seconds US,6/6 Canada
Live Statistics & CDRs
USA - $.012 , Canada - $.012
United Kingdom - 0.012

3. DIDs for Call Centers
Mutliple Channel DIDs
Double Channel DIDs
Full Coverage - USA
20 Channels = $20 /month
2 Channels = $10 / month

Our way of saying thanks to our customers is to offer them something valuable
such as:

Bonus 1: Make a Prepayment of US$500 and get 20 Channels DID, free for 1 month or 1500 Minutes FREE.
Bonus 2: other Call Centers: We will credit you $5 for each Call Center you refer to us.

To arrange free testing for your Call Center please contact the undersigned.

Best Regards,

Muhammad Zulqarnain
VOIP TM : VOIP for Call Center

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