Looking for New Dial-Up ISP @ $15/mo - My Current 56K Dial-U

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Looking for New Dial-Up ISP @ $15/mo - My Current 56K Dial-U

Postby cypherdude » Thu Nov 18, 2004 10:08 am

When I first signed up with "DSLExtreme.COM" dial-up, they worked very well. They gave me downloads greater than 5K Bytes/second. That's not much for you high speed users but that's all I need. For 3 months, they have been dropping my bandwidth to nothing. I connect at 50.7K and get good throughput for a few minutes but then nothing. I stay connected but I get nothing. When I do get bandwidth for downloads, I get less than 2.5K Bytes/second. In bandwidth tests, I get less than 24Kb even though I'm connected @ 50.6Kb. (http://bandwidthplace.com/speedtest/)

I have used Windows 98(1) for years (with no problems so no flames please). Lately, I have updated and tweaked everything possible. I updated my MS-DUN to 1.4, changed my MTU to 576, dropped my receive and transmit buffers by 1 notch, and done the clear cache ritual countless times. Many times I don't simply clear my cache. I go into Windows Explorer, delete all the Temporary Internet folders (the 4 or 8 folders with 8 random characters), then I go into Internet Options and click "Delete Files". I also delete cookies I don't need, drop into MS-DOS mode, and then delete both the cookies and cache "Index.dat" files. Finally, I am using a PCI US Robotics Performance Pro #3CP5610A modem and I flashed it from v.90 to v.92. None of these tweaks have fixed the problem.

I am going to make one more tweak. I am going to make my Win98 Network Control Applet look like this. (http://howto.gmavt.net/Windows98/Network_CP/step1.shtml) If this doesn't work, it will be clear to me the problem lies with DSLExtreme. It's the end of the month so it's too late to find and switch to another ISP. I'm stuck with them for another month.

[b:post_uid8]I am looking for a Dial-Up ISP which costs between $13 and $15 per month, gives me 4 emails, unlimited access, Usenet/newsgroup access for the 714 area code, and no setup fee since I don't need setup help.[/b:post_uid8] I also want to be able to use my own email client, not some proprietary client such as Juno. I think this amount is reasonable to pay for just dial-up. If anyone can tell me of a good dial-up service, please let me know.

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