Setting up a Predictive dialer

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Setting up a Predictive dialer

Postby Travis » Fri Nov 05, 2004 8:05 am

Hi I work for a non profit call center in the united states. Right now we are dialing manually and i am in charge of setting up a predictive dialer. I want to build a dialogic system but i am confused about something.

I need to be able to use standard phone lines as the input instead of a 24 channel voice t1. I know a pbx is used for taking a 24 line voice t1 and splitting it into 24 individual phone lines, but I need something that does the exact opposite. I need a device that can take 24 standard phone lines and make a simulated voice t1 to plug into a dialogic card.

Can you use a pbx for this? if not, it seems dialogic makes a 16 channel board for this purpose...what other solutions are there?

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